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Add Your Heading

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buy google vcc

Add Your Heading

$ 40

buy google vcc

Add Your Heading

$ 40

A virtual credit card can be viewed by simply visualizing your credit cards without their physical form. This will reduce it to a 16-digit primary number. You probably already know how it works because you’ve been asked to read or enter your card number when shopping online.

Virtual cards are not subject to the same security restrictions as physical cards. Virtual cards can be used to generate unique card numbers for every transaction, which protects your real account number. Virtual cards are intended to be used once only. If your card number is stolen or a data breach occurs, your account will not be affected.

Virtual cards offer greater flexibility. Virtual cards offer greater flexibility. You can create new card numbers, change your card number instantly, set spending limits, and lock or delete a number without it affecting your account. Virtual cards cannot be used online for purchases or transactions over the phone. However, you can add your virtual card via Apple Pay or Google Pay to certain physical stores that accept these payment methods.

You can request a virtual credit card from your bank if your credit card issuer offers one. You’ll receive a randomly generated card number and expiration date, along with a security code, that can be linked to your real account.

You can use the virtual credit card online to make a purchase. The transaction will appear on your account statement just like if you used your regular card information.


Yes. Yes. A digital wallet works in the same way as a virtual card but with some notable differences. Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallets store a digital copy of your debit or credit card with exact card numbers.

Digital wallets work in a similar way to virtual cards. They will create a temporary number for you when you make purchases. This ensures that your real card number is never exposed to merchants. Digital wallets cannot be accepted everywhere. Digital wallets cannot be used online for purchases that are made with credit cards. However, they can be used online at participating retailers.

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